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Prof. Yunus Released on Bail - April 2nd, 2024

It’s a relief to report that Prof Yunus was granted bail during his court appearance today. We are concerned about the next court date for the Anti-Corruption Committee is on May 2nd but in the meantime, he is free and we will continue our efforts to prevent him going to jail. Here is the latest from Dhaka:


Prof Yunus recently was allowed to take a productive and restorative two week trip March 13 – 26 starting in Baku with stops in Italy and Paris, wrapping up in London. It was a wonderful break from the stress he must endure in Bangladesh where he was able to work on ongoing collaborations.


At the Baku World Summit, Prof Yunus received an award from UNESCO and met with WHO’s Dr Tedros. In Paris, he was honoured by the Mayor of Paris where he received a standing ovation for his efforts to address the housing shortage by creating a social business for the accommodation for 37,000 athletes into a permanent housing for low income families. Here is a video that gives the scope of the project:


In the US, on March 13th, US Senator Durbin met with Bangladeshi Ambassador Imran and raised Yunus’ case and was very firm in urging the end of harassment of Prof. Yunus:


Prof Yunus just was in Bangkok for a Yunus Centre Academic Conference but he had to leave early in order to arrive back in time for today’s court date.



We are convinced that with your support together with many other supporters, our combined efforts are having the desired impact of preventing Prof Yunus going to jail so we thank you.

March 15th at the Global Baku Forum: Prof Yunus with WHO’s Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

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